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Sash windows always require regular servicing and maintainance. Please see below for a complete range of services we provide.


General service


This is a basic service in which we would restore a window to working condition, for example if it was painted shut or seized. This includes the replacement of any catches and lifters, also the pullys at the top of the window would be checked and ensured to be working. We would also assess and advise any minor repairs needed, and carry out the repairs pending approval, leaving it in a paint ready condition.



Thorough service


For the thorough service, the window would be dissassebled and the window frame and sashes would be sanded up to a smooth finish and refitted with new cords, parting beads fitted with draught seals, staff beads fitted with draught seals and a draught seal fitted between the two sashes. All in all this would greatly improve the insulation properties of the window. we would also carry out any extra repairs at this time, such as broken glass replaced of timber treated and filled. Once again leaving the window paint ready.



Complete refurbishment

Here we would carry out a service as above, however the paint of the window would be stripped back to bare timber, preserved, and primed and left ready for painting. This is usually the best option as you can then see any other repairs that may not have been obvious befor the paint was removed.



Any extra work such as  new cill, linings needing replacing, sash repairs, reglazing or glass replacement, weights replaced, will all incur an extra charge ontop of the price. We will always do our best to quote these extras befor the work commences. However due to the nature of the work, these problems are often only discovered after the work has commenced. in which case, we would discuss your options immediatly befor we continued with the work.

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